Blood Clot Causing Back Pain. Did You Know?

       Blood Clot Causing Back Pain. 
A blood clot is a very process in every human’s life when there is a need, but blood clotting can be very dangerous in some health situations. In this write-up, I will be detailing you on blood clot causing back pain. This is inspired by my deep research on the topic.
When working or playing with a sharp object, and suddenly you are wounded with by the object, after washing the wound, in less than no time, the blood will clot.
Our blood is made of many cells, and each cell has different functions. The cell responsible for blood clotting is called Platelets.
When your blood vessel is wounded or cut, the platelets cells will clump together to form a plug which plugs the bleeding hole.
After the formation of the plug, a chemical reaction will begin by stimulating a protein in the blood called clotting factors. These clotting factors are called factors V, VII, IX and X. These factors will form fibrin, which are protein strands that help in strengthening and giving stability to the plug formed. Blood clotting is a chemical process and there is great need to check the continuous clotting of blood.  Blood clotting is checked by protein C, protein S and similar proteins with a common name called Clotting Police. This clotting police ensures that blood clot occurs only where there is an injury or cut and not anywhere in the body.
Its takes just about 2 to 6 minutes for the blood to clot. With the passage of time, the clot will harden and eventually be broken down and disappear with the help of an enzyme called Plasmin.
The bad effects of blood clots.
A blood clot can cause serious health complications, like stroke and heart attack. In the situation of a heart attack, the blood vessels are narrowed caused by atherosclerosis which leads to turbulent flow, causing damage to the blood vessel lining. When this situation occurs, the platelets will be triggered in the bloodstream leading to the formation of platelet clumps, leading to blood clot formation.
This clot will block the blood vessels, depriving the heart of oxygen-rich blood, leading to a heart attack. The above process may occur in the brain leading to a stroke. The process can also occur in your leg leading to an ischemic limb. It can also lead to gangrene and sometimes may need an amputation.

Blood clot can be managed by Clopidogrel and Warfarin which are all blood thinners. Before taking these medications, your doctor should analyze their benefits and side effects.

Blood Clot and Back pain.

Back pain is one of the major signs of blood clot although not known by most persons. Back pain most at times indicates a blood clot around the pelvic area or in the inferior cava, which is the main abdominal vein.
A blood clot is a very useful occurrence but also has damaging help implications that may need the help of a doctor for better management.