What is the Shortest Time Period for Braces? 6 Month is Possible?

 What is the Shortest Time Period for Braces? 

Many patients need to enhance their smiles and speech, within the shortest time possible. This is so because, they are very busy on daily basis, to get food on their table and cannot endeavor to spend a lot of time to achieve a good smile and speech. In this article, I will be analyzing, the shortest time for braces on your teeth with facts from my extensive research on the topic.
How Long Can Braces stay in your mouth?
Patients need straight teeth as quickly as possible, luckily enough for them; orthodontic technology has improved a great deal, making it very possible to achieve, a great smile and speech within six months. The straightening of teeth can span from few weeks to even three years depending on the severity of the spacing, crowdedness or crookedness. 
Six Month Braces Analyses.
Some facts must be made straight in signing a short braces contract, with a patient. The experts must ensure that the patient is a suitable candidate for this exercise.
Short term braces cannot be achieved in major orthodontic issues and when the mouth is unhealthy.
After analyzing all the conditions and the candidate is fit for the exercise, then it’s time to talk about what the braces can do for the candidate. If you desire perfect teeth, then you should look out for an orthodontist
However, if you would like the appearance of straight teeth and a nice smile, then orthodontist may be perfect for you. We tell patients that you can be taken from a 4/10, to a 9/10 in a few short months. A 10/10 is a perfect result but it may take considerably longer and will require a specialist. It depends on what is important to you.
Some Examples of Braces.
From my research, I found out that, two main types of short-term braces are priorities, by patients namely the 6 Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner.
6 Month Smiles

 Patients are in high demand of this short-term braces type. The average treatment time is just about 6 months. The reasons being that, they are easy to wear and look great. They are made of clear plastic brace, attached to the front of the teeth with a white orthodontic wire, placed into the brace to continuously straighten the teeth.
 These braces are hardly noticeable. Small, clear and designed to be unnoticed at social distances. Teeth are moved with gentle pressure. This can be done from 4 to 9 months.
The cost of this exercise is lower than the traditional braces at approximately €3000 for both upper and lower teeth. Less damaging – better for tooth structure than crowns.

Inman Aligner

This is a removable retainer that fits into your life! It’s worn as often as possible for an average of 12-16 weeks. It sits over the front teeth and gently presses the teeth into a better alignment over a few weeks.
Once your teeth are corrected, the Inman Aligner works like a retainer and holds them in place. The spring action force utilizes a lingual coil spring that puts pressure on the teeth that need repositioning and a labial bar that reverses the same pressure. These components work together to “squeeze” teeth together by pushing and pulling them into alignment.
When you are happy with the result, we place a retainer to ensure the teeth stay straight and you don’t lose the new appearance of the teeth. This is considered a long-term feature to ensure the teeth don’t move and it’s all included in the cost of the treatment.

Short term braces is very possible but the orthodontist must ensure that the candidate (Patients) is suitable by doing a proper consultation.